Cape Clear Nature talks, Suzanne Burns, Sam Bayley, Easkey Britton, June 25th big success

By @SimonCocking

On June 25th Cape Clear was fortunate enough to have three experts in their fields to come and speak to us about their love of nature and how to get others inspired about it too. We had a great cross section of experience and countries visited for their slides and insights. Our three speakers were Suzanne Burns (previewed here), Sam Bayley and Easkey Britton (interview here).

It was great to see a big turn out, and an impressive range of ages from 4 years old to late 70’s and above. Suzanne focused on her experience as a whale watching guide, Sam on bird ringing around the world, and Easkey on her surf for good global activities and her post doctoral research into the holistic benefits on being close to and in water for people’s health.

IMG_4585 Suzanne was first up and spoke about her extensive experience around the world, with some lovely stories and amazing images. Here is a clip of her talking.

Next up was Sam Bayley, recent new arrival to Cape Clear, to take up the position of warden for the Bird Observatory. Here is an excerpt from his talk.

Below are some birds he then ringed that very evening after the event!

IMG_4638 Finally, last but not least was the multi talented Easkey Britton, recently back from Iran. Earlier that day we had also kayaked out with Easkey to investigate if the winter wave by the helipad beach could be surfed. This first clip is Easkey discussing why she likes to keep exploring and looking for new waves.

Here is Easkey discussing the value of being close to water.




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