Flower Walks on Cape Clear 7-11th June 2016

By Geoff Oliver. Lead image by Mary Cadogan

The whole of Roaringwater Bay is regarded as a botanical “hotspot” following the botanical surveys carried out by Sherkin Marine Station (Akeroyd et al.1996), and  377 plants have been recorded on Cape Clear (up to 1995), which is a remarkably high number for the size of the island.


For example, Hairy Bird’s-foot Trefoil (above) is a Mediterranean species at the northern edge of its range and is only found in Roaringwater Bay and in Wexford, on south-facing coastal cliffs. Irish Spurge is very common on Cape, and common in West Cork and south Kerry but is rare elsewhere in Europe, and is only otherwise found in SW England, and parts of France.


These are two of the plants that can be seen on a leisurely walk between north and south harbour on Cape Clear. Walks will be led by Geoff Oliver on a daily basis in the week preceding the BioBlitz (11-12th June). Times vary to allow for other activities planned for the week, but it might be possible to rearrange the time of day. For further details of time of day and contact details for Geoff see the programme of events.



Irish Spurge,

Euphorbia hyberna, Bainne caoin

©Alan Horan

087 6197817    028 39193    or   golivercape@gmail.com



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