Circumnavigate Fastnet during Bioblitz week

By @CapeClearBioBtz. Title image by Peter Cox, who will be speaking during the Bioblitz week also.

According to our normal program also there will be trips around the Fastnet Rock at 2pm on Tuesday and Thursday and also at 1pm on the Sunday. Normal cost €12 per per, Special reduced fare of €8 for anyone attending Bioblitz week. For more details see here.


The Fastnet Lighthouse, Co. CorkThe finest lighthouse on the Irish coast, the Fastnet stands proud on an unusually calm fine Summer’s evening. A granite tower constructed of interlocking blocks, it’s a virtual monolith which presents itself like the bow of a ship to the incoming Atlantic swells, dissipating their energy before they reach peak force. So effective is the design and construction that it has survived the worst the Atlantic can throw at it for over a century with nary a scratch. In 1985, it was struck by a 48m rogue wave (the same height as the focal plane of the lantern). This stove in the glass of the lantern room and overturned the vat of mercury on which the lantern turns, but the structure took no other damage.




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